Called to Change

Our Causes

The intentional engagement of another for impact or influence will not only bring about a change within a life, it will cause their sphere of influence to be effected, and in fact change you! A change within for a far greater purpose. A metamorphosis of life... cause & effect.

Our goal is to see lives transformed for Kingdom purpose. Through intentional efforts aligned with the Word of God we faciliate change for the purpose of holy transformation.

C2Change Prison Ministry


At the heart of Called to Change (C2C) is our Prison Ministry. Why? Because God said so. It really is that simple. Our founder, Chandra Adams was invited to a MBM Weekend of Excitement, (ok, required by the New Life School of Ministry) and despite her fears and perceived limitations, God showed up and lives were changed.

Today we operate much the same, extending an invitation to "come & see" not only what we do, but if this mission field is for you.




Reading to Children for Change is a parenting program designed to foster family relations and literacy. Reading4Change assists mothers and fathers who are incarcerated to "parent from beyond bars". Our program is designed to support the well-being of at-risk children.

By strengthening the parent-child relationship through shared literacy, the mental, physical, social and emotional health of young children will in turn improve their overall education experience.

Increased interaction improves the attachment bond between parent and child.

Reading 2 Children 4 Change


You've heard the saying, "Dress for Success", well our belief is there is much to be said about this theory being applied to Returning Citizens.

At C2C we believe that an internal change warrants external evidence. This belief, married to the biblical principal found in Mt. 25:36, "I needed clothes and you clothed me." has lead to the development of Dress 4Change, an arm of our Reentry program.

Through the Dress 4Change initiative we seek to deliver a 2nd tiered experince for each of our female graduates. Each woman will be paired with a C2C volunteer to facilitate their first "Shopping for a Change" experience.

Our goal is to partner in the process of regaining the ability to make choices without experienceing the overwhelm brought on by too many too quickly. Many women who have served a substanial amount of time behind bars have experienced both a change of weight and a loss of time. The impact is an inability to know how best to dress in both a fashionable yet appropriate style, reflecting the new creation that they have become.

Our goal is to facilitate a positive and healty self-image.

C2C Community Grants


Grants for Community is our community initiative that is still in the early stages of development. To be a part of defining vision and developing mission please contact our office.